Takeover automotive vendor websites with Google Ads

Takeover automotive vendor websites with Google Ads

The idea and reasoning behind "ad jacking"

"Ad jacking" is just a fun terminology we've come up with at autoZnetwork as it feels a little sneaky and really is a great way to pinpoint your banner ads in front of local competition. By pinpointing those vendors that gather valuable consumers, you can as a dealer leverage their hard work and inject your ads on their SRPs. In a lot of cases, even in position zero.

Automotive vendor websites like Autotrader.com, Cars.com, and CarGurus.com are great resources for catching interested parties looking to buy your vehicles. This article is not an argument of their value as a vendor for their listings on their website but rather an alternative way to advertise on their platforms using banner ads without paying for add-on products. This can give you an advantage over your competition and on some of these sites even put your vehicle listing ahead of those spendy spotlights for featured placements for the cost of PENNIES, and all under your control.

Why are vendors putting Google Ads on SRPs?

It's simple, vendors make money from Google Ads for impressions, and they make a few more dollars if the ad is clicked. This platform is known as Google Adsense, for those bloggers and other traffic generators, this isn't anything new. You'll recognize the classic 300x250 ad displayed throughout the vendor websites. But where things get interesting is when you start thinking as the dealer how this can affect your results, for information about that visit here.

The issue we have with Google Ads on Search Results Pages

As a dealer you pay a decent amount of money to be listed on one of these platforms, usually it's not a bargain, but their value pitch stands, they bring your interested automotive shoppers, this is not that debate, but rather as dealers you are paying to have your vehicles listed on their platform for a premium so that an SRP listing can be counted, but then the click is directed off of their platform? While we understand it from the monetary value on their behalf, it's interesting that someone was able to inject their ad for pennies when dealers are paying thousands for positions in the SRP much lower on the page.

Display advertising has a low click-through rate these days

Couldn't agree with you more! But these are the same banner adpositions that Autotrader will sell you for $1k/month per make/model. This is a branding and exposure play and because Google Ads will allow us to pick and choose all the details we want we can tailor the ads to the platform.

Showing some results

This was a campaign run with a SINGLE 300x250 ad to determine which of the vendors used the traditional size. The click-through rate is nothing to be impressed with an average of .06%, but where we are looking is for the Avg. CPM. How much did it cost us to get in front of 1,000 of these automotive shoppers!? An average of $2.88! Many of your representatives are not selling a $2.88 product, but you can easily set a small budget aside for all these vendors, or maybe just one, and get yourself recognized for a fraction of the cost. We've even got some hyper optimizing ideas for your ads that might give you even more edge over your spend based on what we discovered.

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